Our hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in French or English and is aimed at journalists, activists and NGOs. We are committed to respond to all requests within 8 hours maximum.

Our mission is to help you to ensure the security of your digital tools (smartphone, computer, websites, social networks, etc.) against potential digital threats.

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Beyond emergency response, N2H offers training in digital safety. These trainings take place remotely, on our secure video conferencing tool, and are accessible for free to journalists and activists who request it.

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Secured Online Services

Online vault

Nothing2Hide provides journalists and their sources with a digital safe where they can exchange their most sensitive documents via a secure online form and store them in an encrypted manner.

Malware and reverse engineering

In case of doubt when receiving a document, journalists will be able to send it to N2H for analysis in order to check if the device (computer or smartphone) is not infected or monitored. N2H experts will do a first job and may, if necessary, transfer the compromised files to security experts for further analysis. The document transfer will be done using the Nothing2Hide online safe.


As part of this project, access to a VPN server to secure Internet connections on smartphones and computers and bypass website blocking will be distributed to journalists who request it. Either before a start of a report, or remotely in the context of an emergency intervention.

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